Us Wick’s….


So… When and where to next? We promise we will be restricted to one bag each… Well, maybe two!
Anyone else at a loss wondering where the 3 square meals a day are being served? I didn’t think I’d miss all the food… or the beer! I was so wrong…
Again, many thanks and lots of love to all our Viking Traveling Mates!
Barbie and Doug 🍺


The Viking Girls


My dear sweet friends! Thanks to you all for a spectacular time, all the memories and the bonding of lifetime friendships.

One Last Toast!

Now that I have Internet access I’d like to thank David for starting this great blog and to both he and Velma for the daily updates of our Grand Adventure! My family and friends have all been so impressed and appreciative of the posts and pictures you provided. You made everyone feel like we had packed them along with us, and judging by Doug and my luggage, we could have easily stowed a few people in our bags!
These two (Dave & Velma) spent many hours with fuzzy inter’not’ connections to preserve and share our trip. I thank you both for all the time you spent on our behalf! Did you see the comments from several unknown bloggers who have bookmarked this as they are so impressed with all of the authentic, detailed and historic information?! What a compliment!
This truly was a Grand Trip. Traveling with the dearest of you, my friends. These happy memories will always be most precious to me. Much love to all of you, my Viking Mates!