Day 7 – 9/29/12 – Bamberg

On Saturday, we visited Bamberg, still in Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Bamberg was the home city of the king of the Holy Roman Empire of Bavaria, Henry II and his wife, Cunigunde of Luxembourg.

In order to get to Bamberg, we passed through multiple locks on the Main River, some raising the boat as much as 50 feet. At one point, we cruised passed a beautiful bucolic scene with grassy meadows, farm houses, and a two tower nuclear power plant in the background spewing out huge clouds of steam.

We stopped at an intermediate town of Hassburg, boarded buses, and went on to Bamberg while the boat cruised to Bamberg through another few locks.

Bamberg was yet another medieval city (this is getting to be the main theme so far in Germany) dominated by a huge cathedral.

We happened to be in town during the 1000 year anniversary of the completion of the cathedral, so there was a very long procession of children traipsing through the cobblestone streets on the way to the cathedral.

We enjoyed the city scenes, but near the end of our tour, we all (except Ted and Mary Maag) decided to sample the local brew, a smokey variety of local beer called Schlenkerla. The beer was a dark beer with the unmistakable taste of bacon or ham. Most of us thought it was delicious. Ted Maag took a small sip, screwed up his face and declared, “This is crap.” and went off to find another brewery.



One comment on “Day 7 – 9/29/12 – Bamberg

  1. Lynn says:

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

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