Day 8 – 9/30/12 – Nuremberg

On Sunday, we pulled into Nuremberg.

Nuremberg started out as another medieval city, but this one was also bombed into near oblivion by the Allies in WWII. It has been rebuilt mostly rather than being restored. Some of the old town within the city walls were restored, but the rest was modernized after the war. Nuremberg was the center of the Nazi organization and propaganda mill, and thus, was a prime target of the Allies.

The Swedlows, Maags, and Wickhams opted for the optional WWII tour rather than the regular old city tour. We boarded buses and traveled to the Zepplin field which was the site of the massive propaganda rallies held by the Nazis.

If the photo looks familiar, it is because this was the site where many of the Nazi propaganda films were made during Hitler’s endless speeches to whip up the huge crowds of Nazi followers. The parade ground was huge, capable of holding 500,000 cheering, screaming citizens. The place gave me the creeps.

Next, we visited the Documentation Center. This is a quasi-museum detailing the rise of the Nazis, the mind-wiping of the citizenry, and the horrors perpetrated by Hitler’s buddies. As we exited the center, I happened to pass by a window into another room where there was an endless pile of small cards.

Upon closer examination, I found that each card bore the name and date of a person exterminated in one of the many concentration camps.

Next, we visited Courtroom 600 in the Palace of Justice, the site of the original Nuremberg War Crimes trial.  For a site of such a significant event, it was very ordinary looking.

That’s Matthew, our guide for the day. He related the history of the trials and described the process.

Finally, we stopped for a few moments in the quaint central square of the city, but by this time I had had quite enough of Nuremberg and decided to go back to the ship and post this blog.



One comment on “Day 8 – 9/30/12 – Nuremberg

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, the building where they held the trials was an ordinary, kind of nondescript govern. building used because it was one of the few left standing after the war.

    That Zepplin field would give me the creeps too… just seeing your pix of it made me feel

    All of you are having such a great time on your cruise. TY for sharing Dave. Love all
    the commentary.

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