Day 10 – 10/2/12 – Passau, Bavaria

We cruised into Passau on the Danube at 9:30am, and prepared for our walking tour at 10am.

This was a relatively short tour, walking up and down tiny little (steep) alleys and visiting the market square and the massive St. Steven’s cathedral.

First, we saw St. John’s church.

Next came St. Steven’s cathedral:

We were told that the cathedral had the largest cathedral based pipe organ in the world with some 17,000+ pipes. This photo is a tiny section of the organ:

After the walking tour, Mary, Velma, Peggy, Ruth, and I returned to St. Steven’s where we were treated to a 30 minute pipe organ concert. Very nice touch.

Ruth and I continued to poke around town and came across a glass jewelry shop where she bought 3 lovely glass bead necklaces.

After lunch back at the boat, Ruth, Mary, and Peggy went out on the town to see if they could help support the local economy.

Meanwhile, Jim, Mike, Ted, and Doug took a cab to the local golf course where they were planning to play 9 holes at one of the Passau golf courses.


One comment on “Day 10 – 10/2/12 – Passau, Bavaria

  1. dorothy wilson says:

    we thought St Stevens was pretty awesome; don’t know if you are walking around in Melk & durnstein but we also loved those towns–more charm, less churchs šŸ™‚

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