Day 10 Passau by Velma

Passau is a charming and busy city situated on a hill next to the Danube. We went with the group for the walking tour around town – Saw the inside of St. Michaels Cathedral and listened to the wonderful pipe organ (largest one in a cathedral, so they say) play a mix of religious and classical tunes.

Pipe organ inside St. Michael’s

Looking forward

Mike, Doug, Jim and Ted played golf at the Panorama Golf course in Passau. After the walking tour we had lunch on the boat and then I went for a gentle hike up to the Oberhaus – a fortified castle overlooking Passau. The museum is really well done and I spent about 2 hours exploring the history of the area from the earliest known human settlements to the 20th century.

Looking up

In a similar exhibit you could try to lift the chain mail – It’s very heavy!

Torture made ever so much more real with manikins!

In addition to the history museum there was a huge display of Porcelain from the 16-18th centuries created by a nearby factory that is now closed.

Of course, I found the frog

Stag horn beetles?

It was an unexpected surprise to find these beautiful representations.

Another unexpected surprise was the display of the Apothecary shop. Not sure why there is an alligator hanging from the ceiling – yes – it is real.

The view from the top. Our boat was the innermost one at the very top of this picture.

Back on board we decided to take our team picture – Bocci at Blackhawk!

Team Viking on the Freya!

…with Goldie, the very best!


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