Day 11 – 10/3/12 – Melk and Durnstein, Austria

Today, we visited both Melk and Durnstein in Austria.

Melk was in the morning. The main attraction was the Abby with its magnificent library.

The town itself was quaint and picturesque (or Q and P as we coined the term).

Ruth feels that the town was designed along the lines of Disney World, complete with quaint shops and swans in the local ponds.

Next, we sailed down the Danube towards Durnstein, still in Austria. The sun came out and our group met up on the sun deck.

As we sailed down the river, we went past several castles built into the rocky cliffs on either side of the valley.

Schonbrun Castle

Castle on a rock.

Durnstein Castle. This is the castle in which Leopold of Austria imprisoned Richard the Lion Hearted as Richard was making his way back from the Crusades.

Once we docked at Durnstein, we made our way into the little town of 900 residents and explored the shops and cafes. We met for drinks at a cliff-side cafe with a great view of the river and had some local wine and beer.

Finally, we retired back to the ship and celebrated Jim Gill’s 65th birthday with a cake and fireworks.


One comment on “Day 11 – 10/3/12 – Melk and Durnstein, Austria

  1. Mary says:

    Great Fun!

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