Day 11 Melk, Austria

Early today we docked in Melk and hopped on the bus to tour the Abby. It is huge and has been restored so that it really shines like new, or like it looked 300 years ago. Benedictine Monks – you can google it if you really care.

View of the back of the Abby

The Abby Church

This painting fools people – it’s on a flat ceiling not arched.


Faux finished

The columns were plaster with faux finishes, not real marble. Only the door frame was made of marble.


Marble room view

Downtown Melk

There was a little street market going on.

Enjoying the moment in Melk


Austrian meatatarian buffet

Lounging after lunch

So happy that the sun is shining!

Vacations are exhausting!




One comment on “Day 11 Melk, Austria

  1. peter mandell says:

    I stayed in the hotel next to that abbey. Loved the little town.

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