Day 12 Vienna with Mike & Velma


Vienna – just one day wasn’t enough! But Mike and I walked our way through town and made some fun discoveries.

We joined in with the walking tour and took the subway into town from near where the boat was docked. I was struck by how modern and busy everything seemed after having been in all of the tiny mid-evil towns we have been visiting.

Our boat was docked on the outskirts of town.

Our boat was tied up with 4 other cruisers

Here are some shots of our walking tour from the Opera House to the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral.

Walking tour began a the Vienna Opera House


Memorial Against War and Fascism

The granite stones are from one of the concentration camps.

Entering the Hapsburg Castle grounds from the back

Nice backyard

The Gardens are open to the public.

The palace was vast – too big to fit in one frame

And this was their backdoor…

Mozart, of course!

The front door

Then looking to your right as you face the building –

Twin museums under the domes
Art on the left and Stones and Bones on the right

The famous home of the Lippizaner Horses

They have indoor apartment/stalls with their trainers living above.

Lippinzaner Apartments (horse feathers!)

We saw one returning from morning exercise!

This statue showed St. Michael killing the plague and forcing “her” down to hell. Why did they depict the plague as a woman?

Busy downtown Vienna

Such a contrast between modern and REALLY old!

Mike and I left the group and found…

Haus der Musik

A neat music museum that began with exhibits on the physiology of hearing in humans from inside the womb. There were all kinds of neat interactive displays that showed how we hear and also perceive sound.

No words, just listen….

This was showing how vibration makes sound like in pianos and violins.

There were rooms for all the big guys in music – this was Mozart’s room, family above his piano.

Hayden bought a parrot in London and taught it to say, “Papa Hayden”. Who knew?

Using Wii technology, Mike conducted for the Vienna Philharmonic playing Eine Kline Nachtmusik. Hilarious!


This museum was fantastic – go see it if you find yourself in Vienna!