Day 13 – 10/5/12 – Bratislava, Slovakia

We docked at 5:30am at Bratislava.

Our tour in Bratislava began with another whirlwind bus ride past lots of interesting buildings. Our tour guide spoke non-stop, filling the air with historical facts and observations. She was quite good, very thorough and easily understandable.

We passed several embassies on the way up the hill to the Castle of Bratislava. The most interesting (to me) was the American Embassy, modeled after the US White House.

US Embassy to Slovakia in Bratislava.

At the top of the hill, we exited the bus and gathered on a terrace to get a view of the Castle of Bratislava.

The Castle of Bratislava. It is usually described as an upside-down table due to the square shape with tower and turrets resembling table legs.

Normally, visitors are permitted into the castle, but on this day, there was a European Union Summit meeting in the castle and the security forces did not allow visitors.

We did get a very good overview of the city from the terrace. One of the interesting items on the Danube river was a suspension bridge with a single tower. When it was built, it was the fourth largest suspension bridge in the world.

Suspension bridge over the Danube River.

At last, we drove down to the old town of the city and made our way through the narrow gates and streets of the old town.

Old Bratislava is a beautiful and charming town with cheerful people, interesting and mixed architecture, lots of shops and restaurants, and whimsical statues and artwork peppering the town.

Here are a few of the interesting examples of whimsy that are scattered about the old town.

Town hall clock. Note the pigeons nesting in the clock.

Ruth admiring her knight in shining armor.

Gargoyle guarding the local Bank of Bratislava.

Ruth and the local Bratislavan Man About Town.

The Staring Man (a bronze statue). He is waiting patiently in order to see ladies with short skits pass by.

David with the Bratislavan Man About Town.

In a more serious vein, the Bratislavans have several statues to remind them of some of their not so pleasant history.

Statue of Stalin, larger than life.

And Comrade Lenin…

Finally, we finished the morning in Bratislava with a brief shopping expedition in another town square.


Shopping in Bratislava.

David and Ruth in front of the Music Hall in Town Square.









3 comments on “Day 13 – 10/5/12 – Bratislava, Slovakia

  1. Wendy McCleery says:

    Thanks to you David and Ruth your daily Blog on our wonderful journey from Amsterdam to Budapest took on new life!! Loved the photos and daily follow ups !! Filled in gaps where we missed and connected the dots on lost photos or links! Job well done and vey much appreciated!

    Paddy and Wendy McCleery, Vancouver,Canada.

    • Patsy and John Parkes says:

      Wendy and Patrick: Loved hearing from you on your wonderful trip. Hope that you continue to have fun now that you will be on your own in the big bad world. Look forward to hearing from you in the future and be safe. Love from the Parkes

  2. Lynn says:

    Never thought Slovakia had so much character or should I say characters! Love the statues.

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