Day 14 – 10/6/12 – Budapest, Hungary

At last we come to the last full day of the river cruise – lovely Budapest, the Queen of the Danube. We have traveled 1890 kilometers or 1174 miles in 14 days.

We finally arrive in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest is a beautiful city, built in two sections, the older Buda on the west – a hilly area dotted with medieval castles, public buildings and homes; and the flat Pest on the east – a more modern (relatively speaking) area. The Swedlows, Maags, Schnolls, and Jim Gill eschewed the bus tour today and took a meandering walking tour guided by our local host Gregory through the castles and churches of old Buda, then a tram ride to Pest, and a long walk through the elegant modern shopping street of Pest to the huge market  (also in Pest) which featured three floors of food shops, groceries, folk crafts, and pickled goods (!). Here is a brief sequence of the highlights of today’s tour.


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