Day 15 – October 7 – On our own in Budapest

Today was kinda sad. We got up early to say good bye to our fellow Vikings as they boarded an early bus to go on the extension to Prague. And they left! We stayed on board until 9 when our taxi picked us up and drove us up to the Hilton that is a part of the Fishermen’s Bastion and Church complex.

ImageThe Hilton is the plain building to the left of the Church. Our room has a view of the Parliament Building.


We were early, so after stashing our bags we went for a walk. The tour busses were dropping off the tourists in droves by 9:30am. The weather was cool and cloudy. We decided to get the Hop On Hop Off bus ticket and headed off around 11:30. First we grabbed a bite to eat, then we got onto the river cruise. guess we missed being on our boat!


Most of the stores were closed, only tourist shops and museums open on Sundays.


On the Bus!


Lunch at Cafe Preta. Tasty Goulash Soup and Paprika Chicken.

I like being on the water.

Here is a better shot of the big building behind us:

Their HUGE parliament building.

After the river cruise we decided to visit the House of Terror. Nothing at all like a haunted house – but very scary.

The museum is in the building that witnessed two really bad periods in Hungary’s 20th century. In 1944, during the gruesome domination of the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party, the building, known as the “House of Loyalty,” was the party headquarters of the Hungarian Nazis. Then between 1945 and 1956, the notorious communist terror organizations, the AVO and its successor, the AVH, took up residence here.

The museum commemorates the victims of terror, but it is also a memento, reminding us of the dreadful acts of terrorist dictatorships.

No pictures were allowed inside – but if you are ever in Budapest, I would recommend this museum.

Right outside the museum we found another relic –


3 comments on “Day 15 – October 7 – On our own in Budapest

  1. Mary says:

    Parliament Building unbelievablely
    day and night.

  2. Mary says:

    Sorry…unbelievibley “beautiful”……
    day and night.

  3. peter mandell says:

    Nice journal, PS I miss u.

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