Day 16 – 10/8/12 – Prague

Today was our first full day in Prague.

Today was a magnificent day. We woke in the Hilton Hotel in a comfortable bed at a civilized hour (8:30), went downstairs to the lobby restaurant, and had a good breakfast. Ruth arranged tickets to a Hop On – Hop Off tour bus and we met up with Peggy Gill and Doug and Barbie Wickham. Thomas (German speaking driver) picked us up at the hotel and brought us to the pickup point for the tour bus.

We then made the round of the city taking about 90 minutes to drive past the highlights of Prague, with a focus on old-town and the historic areas.

Our tour guide, Ezekiel, from Argentina.

Sample of the architecture of Prague. Don’t ask me what style.

The weather was clear and sunny and the temperature varied between 45-55 Fahrenheit. After the bus tour, we walked through the city streets of old town and met up with Mary, Ted, and Jim in the old town square.

We wandered around for about 30 minutes before settling on an interesting Greek restaurant somewhere in old town and settled down for an excellent (but pricy) lunch.

After lunch, Ruth and I and the Gills wandered through the old Jewish Quarter only to find that all the synagogues and museums were closed due to the Jewish Holidays (Succot).

Bad timing on our part. We then continued our wandering onto the Charles Bridge over the River Vltava.

The bridge is closed to vehicles and has been turned into a pedestrian mall complete with buskers, artists, and (literally) thousands of tourists (including us).

Street musicians playing dixieland jazz on the Charles Bridge.

Ruth and Peggy went off on a shopping quest while Jim and I not so patiently waited. Finally, we all made our way back to the hotel through winding, crowded and very interesting streets in the old town.

Soap bubble lady in old town square.

More street musicians: Balalyka, contrabase, and accordian.

I think I now would count Prague as my favorite city on the tour. The buildings were fascinating, the street scene alive and vibrant, the food (and beer) excellent, and the people very friendly.

We have one more day in Prague before coming home.



3 comments on “Day 16 – 10/8/12 – Prague

  1. Mike Schnoll says:

    Wonderful update! We miss you guys, and are soldiering on in Budapest. The synagogue here is huge and ornate, built on the site of the Jewish Ghetto. 70,00O Jews survived the war (albeit in miserable conditions), so Budapest has more of an active Jewish community than any of the cities we visited in Germany or Austria.

    We, too, got an excellent night’s sleep and stuff on a Hilton king bed. I’ve gotten over the ‘kennel cough’ from the Freya, and Velma remains unaffected.

    The castle hill in Budapest is full of excellent restaurants for dinner. Last night’s fare at Speiz was wild game, Hungarian-style. Tonight, we’re booked at the Faust wine cellar for a tasting/pairing dinner. We fly back via Munich at 1pm tomorrow.

    Michael Schnoll 925-456-4564

  2. Judie says:

    I think I’m finally getting jealous!

  3. Dorothy Wilson says:

    We loved our time in Prague also—we spent many hours walking across the bridges and exploring the surrounding areas. It’s a shame you hit up against the Jewish holidays; we had hired a Jewish guide for the day to take us to the synagogues and show us the cemetery where the golem “lived” etc and found it fascinating—a lovely place but hard to forget the not so distant past… Dorothy Wilson Arrangements Unlimited, Inc***please note new address 450 S. Henderson Rd; Unit F King of Prussia, PA 19406 Tel : 484-674-7814 or 610.834.7335, x 20 Fax: 484.681.9044 Cell: 610-636-0220 Email:

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