Day 18 – Prague (Homeward Bound) – Last thoughts from Ruth

It’s not that I need to have the last word (ha!), but I do want to thank Dave and Velma for working so hard to create this blog. After almost 3 weeks, 6 countries, and countless meals, tours and toasts (“to us”), it will be difficult to remember the details of this fabulous adventure without the blog. This trip was 16 months of planning and anticipation and it is now a done deal. We started out as 10 good friends. We bonded during our adventure and with no stress, no squabbles, and no drama we are now Great Friends. As a “Team”, we won 4 out of the 5 contests on the boat. Thanks to Mike and Velma for winning the Newlywed Game and again for winning the Octoberfest beer-mug-holding-out-straight contest. Thanks to Ruth for winning the History Trivia contest, and to the whole team for winning the Octoberfest Trivia contest. We came in second in the Musical Murder Mystery contest, but we never really understood the concept, so 4 out of 5 is not bad! Yeah Team! The weather contributed to the magic of this trip. We had several downpours and they ALWAYS occurred when we were in a museum, a castle, a concert, a pub or when we were aboard ship. The whole trip could not have been more perfect. On behalf of Mary, Ted, Peggy, Jim, Barbie, Doug, Mike, me (Ruth), and the many friends who followed the blog – Thank You Dave and Velma!


3 comments on “Day 18 – Prague (Homeward Bound) – Last thoughts from Ruth

  1. Mary says:

    Safe journey home!

  2. Judie says:

    Ruth, I too want to thank the talented, hard working bloggers. The pictures were wonderful! Most of all, I appreciated all the history of The rivers and the cities. It was like an enjoyable college course!

  3. Pam says:

    I really enjoyed your adventures. It was the “next best thing to being there”. Thanks for allowing us “stay at home friends” to experience a part of your journey. Blessings and safe travels home!

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